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Branded gazebos

We offer branded gazebos and also re-prints or new canopies for your existing gazebos.
The first branded Gazebo review ever!!!
No matter what frame you use, you still only get (if you’re lucky) a ‘water proof roof’ over your head with full colour (sublimated if you’re lucky…) printing on it. Thus no matter how much you pay, your branding area and advertising effectiveness remains the same from one gazebo to the next.

Let’s see what the difference between the structures…

The very popular (overrated) 3x3m Deluxe aluminium gazebo.
Yes, the frame does have a nice look as the uprights are made form hexagonal natural anodized aluminium but that is as far as it goes. We have found that 80% of the gazebo repairs that we have to do is for this frame even though it only counts for half the gazebo sales invoiced by us.
Yes, it is light weight at 13kg making it easy enough for just about any grown person to carry or cart around and also setup but that’s one of the only upsides as the price rockets at an all time high of R4650 for a complete 3x3m branded gazebo.

The facts
Advertising electiveness – 10/10
Weight – 9/10
Strength and durability – 6/10
Price – 3/10
Parts availability – 5/10
Parts cost – 3/10
Total score - 36/60
Overall value for money: 6.0 / 10

The newcomer (available in SA since 2019) is the 3x3m econo aluminium gazebo.
This frame also offers natural anodized aluminium parts and poles but instead of hexagonal they are square. The strange part is that even though we had to repair one unit due to poor manhandling and another missed it’s carry bag.
It is really light weight at only 11kg, making it easier than any other gazebo frame of it’s type and and overall this seems to be a winner at only R3450 for a complete 3x3m aluminium.

The facts
Advertising electiveness – 10/10
Weight – 10/10
Strength and durability – 9/10
Price – 8/10
Parts availability – 7/10
Parts cost – 9/10
Total score - 53/60
Overall value for money: 8.8 / 10
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